Belt and Road EXPO 



Attention to People’s Livelihoods, Benefit People Around the World

______About the ‘ Belt and Road Expo’



The Federation and its associated organizations will co-sponsor the ‘Belt and Road Expo’ business plan. The first annual Expo will be held in the United States , making it a public platform that is built upon the world’s largest economy.  The expo will adhere to the Silk Road Spirit – ‘Unity and Mutual Trust, equality and mutual benefit, inclusiveness and mutual learning, cooperation and mutual benefits, states of different races, with different beliefs and cultural backgrounds achieving peace, cooperation, and common development’. It will mark a brand-new chapter in American history.

The Expo’s theme is ‘Attention to people’s livelihoods, benefiting people around the world’. It will provide an extensive platform for industrialists and businesses, and is designed to further develop the Belt and Road. It will offer an opportunity for engagement, so enterprises and products in the U.S. and around the world can facilitate and advance the development of a global economy and cultural exchange. Finally, the Expo will make contributions to help participating enterprises capture a global market, set up more extensive cooperation networks, and eventually achieve a more balanced global trade, a more stabilized global economy, and a more civilized global business environment.




◇ 關注民生 造福世界



一帶一路國際商業聯合會與相關單位共同發起“一帶一路博覽會”商業計畫;首屆博覽會將在美國籌備舉辦,這是搭建在世界最大經濟體上的“一帶一路”公平共用平臺,將邀請全世界國家與工商企業共同參加,有效帶動參與國經濟與貿易發展。“一帶一路博覽會”秉承“團結互信、平等互利、包容互鑒、合作共贏,不同種族、不同信仰、不同文化背景的國家可以共用和平,共同發展”的絲路精神,並將其進一步發揚壯大,首度掀開“一帶一路”美洲歷史新篇章。這個博覽會以“關注民生 造福世界”為主題,內容涉及旅遊、文化、科技、健康等等民生領域,為全世界與會工商業者提供一個廣泛而公平的、進一步參與一帶一路建設的平臺,讓美國乃至全世界的企業與產品都有機會參與進來,促進和推動全球經濟與文化進一步穩定發展。為企業捕捉商機拓展全球市場,構建更廣泛的合作關係,平衡全球貿易,穩定世界經濟,同創商業文明做出貢獻。



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