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‘Belt & Road International Business Federation’ is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization registered in the United States and established in 2017 in Los Angeles, California. The purpose of forming the federation is to join forces with stakeholders, organizations, and institutions and to build a platform that promotes the allocation of resources among its members. The overriding goal is to bridge the gap between industries and governments, thus providing valued services to world business enterprises. The mission statement of the federation is "Openness and Innovation, Creating Partnerships,  Common Development and Sharing Prosperity.”



The federation is open to cooperative ventures. It covers but is not limited to, the area of the ancient Silk Road. Participation is open to all countries and international and regional organizations so that the results of the concerted efforts will benefit wider areas. We vow to stay committed to the principles of harmony, inclusiveness, and tolerance among civilizations, and to strengthen cooperation among different civilizations. We will follow market operations and seek mutual benefits among our members, finding common ground while shelving differences and drawing upon each other's strengths, so that all countries can coexist in peace for common prosperity.








The initiative to jointly build the Belt and Road, is aimed at promoting orderly and free flow of economic factors, highly efficient allocation of resources and deep integration of markets; encouraging the countries along the Belt and Road to achieve economic policy coordination and carry out broader and more in-depth regional cooperation of higher standards; and jointly creating an open, inclusive and balanced regional economic cooperation architecture that benefits all. Jointly building the Belt and Road is in the interest of the global community. Reflecting the common ideals and the pursuit of human societies, it is a positive endeavor to seek new models of international cooperation and global governance and will inject fresh, positive energy into world peace and development efforts.




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